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Nina Brandin

Realtor® at Coldwell Banker Realty

Artist, explorer, and entrepreneur.

Living in Colorado is an extraordinary adventure. Let’s get started on your dream journey!

You may already have an image of what a RealtorⓇ is. Perhaps you think it’s someone who will push you regardless of whether you’re ready or not. Someone who sees money before they see their client.

I want to draw a new picture for you.

Initially, I wanted to wait and get my real estate license when the “time was right”. Well, time kept ticking by until I realized the fear of making a life-changing decision was holding me back.

I realized there is no “right time”. So I took the leap into the world of real estate and landed into a career I have become deeply discerning and passionate about.

I understand the fear behind making a life-changing decision, such as buying or selling a home, and can empathize with someone’s potential apprehensions. Pushing people hasn't ever been my style and doesn’t work. Having a thorough understanding of their needs, developing trust, and showing up for them with integrity does.

When I work with you, I work to build a relationship from our first call to long after the final signature. Want the top contractors and inspectors? I’ve got you covered! Looking for premium cleaning and stunning staging? I can help with that! Need someone who will go the extra mile and protect your interests, so you can close without worry? I’m here for you every step of the way! Wondering if I will call to check in on you after your move-in? Yes, I am always here for you.

As a highly organized and solution-based pragmatist, I’m no stranger to thinking outside the box to help you accomplish your dreams. No matter what comes our way, I’ll work closely with you, put your best interests first, and make this exciting journey as seamless as possible.

Let’s take the next step together! Give me a call today, and walk through this process with someone you can count on.


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Nina Brandin

Realtor® | Coldwell Banker Realty

2700 Canyon Blvd. #200 Boulder, CO 80302

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