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86% Of Home Sellers Use A Real Estate Agent


What’s Your Selling Strategy?

Looking for an agent who will prioritize your needs and help you get the most for your home in your time frame? Let's make sure we price it correctly in the current market to attract the best buyers. I will walk you through the process and be your best advocate.

I’ve got your concerns covered and intend to make selling your home a smooth and stress-free process. I’d suggest beginning the process by making a list of considerations. This will give us a solid starting point for things to discuss.

Ready to start?

6 Things To Consider Before Selling Your Home

1 . Why are you selling your home?

Do you need to sell for financial reasons? Are you looking for a change in location? Do you have to move for work or school? Do you need to accommodate a change in your family? Getting an idea of these things will help you establish a manageable budget and timeline.


2. What price range do you believe your home is worth?

Providing an accurate listing price is imperative. Today’s buyers will avoid a listing they feel is overpriced. If they then see you lowering the price due to a lack of bids, they’re likely to become even more reluctant to look. Knowing the market and pricing accordingly ensures you get the best bids.

3. What is your timeframe?

Is there a specific date that you need to sell your home by? The process of selling a home begins long before it hits the market. Be realistic about your timeframe, and if possible, give yourself a comfortable buffer. This can help us stay a step ahead yet act quickly if needed.

4. Are you willing to make major repairs before we list your property?

Any substantial problems with your home will come to light eventually. Let's take a look at the best way to add value to your home with any investments you make in this area. What works best with your timeframe? I can advise you items to focus on, for your specific property.

5. What are your living arrangements while your home is on the market?

Staging can increase an offer by 1%-5%, making it a no-brainer for most. That said, it requires decluttering, depersonalizing, and deep cleaning. Can you reasonably maintain a show-ready home while you’re living on-site, or are you willing to live elsewhere while your home is on the market?

6. Are you looking to sell and buy at the same time?

Selling and buying a home at the same time can be a balancing act. Are you able to afford two mortgages? Can you rent if there is a limbo period? Having an open mind and options in place gives you a good safety net in case the market doesn’t go the way you planned. If you’re looking to buy a home, check out these 10 Things To Consider When Buying A Home.

Let’s make selling your home a seamless process.


How Can A Real Estate Agent Help You Sell Your Home?

Now you should have an idea of your budget, asking price, and time frame. You may be thinking, “Great! I think I can handle it from here.”

Hold on… Before you venture out on your own, see why working with a Realtor® is in your best interest.


You’ll get more money and save valuable time

Sellers tend to either over or undervalue their homes, both of which deter buyers. I can help price your house appropriately and increase your selling odds. In fact, selling your home with the help of a Realtor® can get you an average of 5.5%-6% more than selling yourself.

Save time! Selling your home is very labor-intensive. My experience in this industry allows me to stay a step ahead and ensure the process keeps moving forward. I advocate on your behalf to keep everything running smoothly, so you don’t have to waste your valuable time.

If it all sounds like a lot, that’s because it is! That said, I’m apt at calmly juggling negotiations, title companies, staging, contracts, and other agents. In fact, it’s what I love to do and why I’m in this industry.


You’ll have an emotional buffer

You’ll have an advocate helping to alleviate anxiety so you can feel at ease about selling your home. Selling can be an emotional process, causing many people to overprice their property, take offense to low offers, or get upset over rejection. These things shouldn’t come between you and getting the best bid possible. I serve as an objective, unflappable buffer in stressful situations and offer productive solutions when faced with obstacles.


You’ll have someone who can negotiate

Real estate agents are trained negotiators. They know the market, are proficient with contracts and have solid relationships and lines of communication with the other agents. I love serving as a liaison who can skillfully negotiate a higher offer price, make discerning decisions, and negotiate counter offers which leaves you feeling confident about the choices being made.


Your home will get more exposure

A good Realtor® is also a good marketer. According to NAR® the typical home sold by an agent will sell for 146%  more than a home sold by the owner. Working with me means you’ll get access to MLS listing rights and which puts your property in front of an extensive network of agents. I work shoulder-to-shoulder with others in the industry and know who has eyes on the market. Effectively utilizing my valuable connections speeds up the process of selling your home and increases your odds of getting the best price.


You’ll have someone with legal protection

It’s my job to assist, advise, and help you navigate selling your home legally and safely. Selling your home on your own means you’re responsible for any legal implications. Closing paperwork is complicated, overwhelming, and includes a lot of legal jargon. As a Realtor®, I have insurance and lawyers to protect your interests and help prevent you from finding yourself in an unsavory legal situation.


You’ll have someone who knows what buyers want!

Part of selling a home is appealing to the largest number of people possible. I’ve shown numerous homes and know the importance of staging properly, highlighting assets, and taking photos that draw people in. I can recommend top-tier cleaners, stagers, landscapers, and photographers, so you know you’re working with professionals. After all, this is your future we’re dealing with, and I’ll make sure we’re setting it up for success.

Let’s make selling your home a seamless process.

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