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NINAB is a culmination of a lifetime of experiences. The working properties of precious metals captivated me at a young age and has always been a way for me to escape, express myself and find moments of freedom. This jewelry represents a new life I’m creating. My metalwork is designed to accent your beauty and refresh your energy. I make each piece of jewelry in my private workshop in Boulder, Colorado. Starting with Sterling Silver and 14K - 22K Gold in sheet and wire form, I hand build and finish each unique item.

My artistic vision revolves around the concept of wearable elegance, with a focus on enhancing the natural beauty of those who wear my creations. My inspiration can come from anywhere. For example, I use the working properties of the materials to their advantage to reflect the natural beauty inherent in their nature. Silver can be oxidized with a patina to highlight areas, and give depth to show texture. Gold has a lustrous richness and warmth, contrasting the cool and grey tones of the silver. These two metals create a dynamic interplay that serves to illuminate the precious stones featured in my pieces. The textures I use including stamps, hammers and rotary tools capture the raw, authentic essence of the design process. I love working with fossils such as mammoth, dinosaur bone and ammolite infusing my creations with the grounding energy of the universe, a reminder of the interconnectedness of all energy.

I'm also inspired when things don't work well. It's satisfying for me to play with how jewelry functions, such as clasps: I've found that some are hard to open and others don’t stay locked with confidence. My new unique style of clasp puts my year of mechanical engineering school to use. Come check out what makes it so special at my next show! Your support through the purchase of my metalwork is what keeps the creative energy flowing, allowing me to move towards fresh ideas and innovative designs.

Throughout my adult life I have struggled because of the various ways I found to escape. I am now on my path of recovery and am grateful every day. I hope that you also feel the connection to spirituality, serenity, community and personal growth through my jewelry.

When I'm not at the workbench, I enjoy creating community, playing upright bass with the Broomfield Symphony Orchestra and finding freedom snowboarding in the Colorado mountains. I am also a Realtor with Coldwell Banker in Boulder.

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Nina Brandin

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